Email Intelligence Software to manage business correspondence

Email and messenger analytics software with text sentiment index

Boost your corporate productivity and response times by understanding real-time data on your company’s digital communication. Anvert runs on any browser and device, and it requires no training.

Key features

Alerts for idle or pending threads

Never miss a lead or a business opportunity. Anvert sends alerts to your dashboard about outstanding messages across all analyzed corporate accounts (email and Facebook messenger).

Sentiment analysis

Explore the sentiment of communication in an instant for both internal and external business emails and Facebook messages. Our system understands 8 core emotions that will reduce the length of sales cycles, and help mitigate conflict with clients or internal teams.

Home office - monitoring remote work

Despite COVID-19 drastically changing the work environment, you can be up-to-date about the progress of your employees. Track the productivity of colleagues and teams working remotely with very little effort.

Reply time analysis

Anvert provides real-time information about the first reply times and average reply times of your emails and Facebook Messages. It displays the overall traffic, intensity of the communication, as well as how it has changed — for both individuals and teams.

Productivity Tracking

It helps evaluate individual and team-level performance with objective performance metrics. Supports optimization of human resources and workflow planning.

Easy-to-use automated reports

Receive automated reports based on the preferences you set in custom format (xls, csv, pdf, ppt), with the scheduling of your choice.

Recommended by our clients

General corporate communication statistics


88% of clients or customers expect an answer to their email within an hour, while 30% requires a response within 15 minutes.


On average it takes 28% of an employee’s office hours to process business emails, even though reportedly 75% are deemed irrelevant.


26% of companies worldwide have reported that they’ve lost a deal because of an unanswered email.

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