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Alerts on idle emails
Automatic notifications of idle mails (email, messenger) to help prevent loss of customers or business opportunities.

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Sentiment analysis of emails
Get insights of the overall sentiment and changes in 8 key emotions. Prevent serious conflicts from both customer or employee sides.

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Measuring team performance
We help you assess individual and team performance with objective KPIs. We support the optimisation of human resources and workflow planning.

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Real-time monitoring
Anvert provides real-time information on first and average response times for email and Facebook Messenger messages. We show you the total volume and intensity of email traffic and its changes, either by individual or by team.

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Teleworking/home office supervision
You can keep yourself up to date with colleagues' performance despite the changes in working conditions due to Covid-19. You can also easily monitor the productivity of colleagues and teams working outside the office.

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Personalised reports
Based on the parameters you set, you can receive automatic reports at set intervals, in any format (xls, csv, pdf, ppt).

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General corporate communication statistics


88% of clients or customers expect an answer to their email within an hour, while 30% requires a response within 15 minutes.


On average it takes 28% of an employee’s office hours to process business emails, even though reportedly 75% are deemed irrelevant.


26% of companies worldwide have reported that they’ve lost a deal because of an unanswered email.

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