Would you like to start a company newsletter?

We provide you all the email addresses your company has ever corresponded with in an Excel sheet.

This makes it easy to start a newsletter or boost your existing newsletter database.
+ Building a newsletter database has never been easier.


How it works?

With a click of a button, Anvert builds your newsletter database:

  • We take all the email addresses you've ever corresponded with from all your company email accounts and puts them into a list suitable for sending newsletters.
  • We build a list of all your email addresses from all your email addresses. So we organise only the email addresses of those with whom you have had real correspondence.
  • We filter out spam, bills, automatic notifications, newsletters and do not put them into the list.
  • We also flag gmail email addresses separately, which you can use for other marketing campaigns (e.g. Facebook remarketing campaign).

The result

  • You'll have a company email database full of real email addresses, including all email addresses since your very first email.
  • You'll get an easy-to-use excel database that includes the sender's name.
  • You can use the email address database anywhere and easily import it into any email distribution system.
  • Building a newsletter database has never been easier.
  • Anvert does it for you.
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