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Optimizing business operations with Anvert.

How can Anvert help you run a company?

In this article, we present the practical experiences of three companies in using Anvert with success.

I think we can all agree that every single business is a case of its own. They are different in their history, structure and operation, even if they are active in a similar field or even in the same market. Even more so when you think about the amazing diversity of employees, the plethora of skills and professional experience they bring to the company, and the wide variance in their attitude to work.

The solutions provided by Anvert will not help every single company in the same way. However, we are definitely able to improve operational processes and, therefore, show the way to a more efficient and effective operation.

This article presents three short case studies about executives from widely different businesses who have shared their experiences in using Anvert.

Time is money, goes the saying, and a satisfied customer is a good customer.

101 EV Park Kft. operates in the Hungarian e-mobility market. They are a key player in the fleet management and service market for electric vehicles, including Tesla, Volkswagen, Fiat, Nissan and Kia.

Since customer focus is important to them, they place great emphasis on effective and fast communication with their customers and all other interested parties.

Fast and efficient communication is indispensable to business success. If the customer feels important and they receive all necessary information about a product or service in a prompt and accurate manner, they can make decisions faster and maybe even order a product or service.

Bodó Levente

“After deploying Anvert, we have halved the response time at our customer service in the electronic communication with customers."
– Levente Bodó, Managing Director

Levente and his team achieved this within two weeks. We have been able to list them among our satisfied customers ever since.

It seems common sense to say that the thing you do not measure cannot be improved.

For the operator of Kovács Autóalkatrész Kft., measuring everything is a key step in improving and optimizing processes and making the operation of the company more efficient.

In their webshop, the manager of the customer service uses Anvert to get an accurate picture of the colleagues’ response times and other email-related statistics. Together, these metrics indicate the company’s response time, which is a key factor in the industry. Providing fast and accurate information to customers is essential not only in sales, but also in complaint handling. If complaints are resolved as quickly as possible, customers may leave with a sense of satisfaction even if a transaction did not go as intended. The acquisition or loss of customers may depend on response times and the style of communication. Therefore, efficiency in reacting to the various demands of customers and clients is essential. Also, faster responses will shorten the sales cycle and thus more can be done within an arbitrary unit of working time. It goes without saying that Anvert will help our customers get a complete picture of the response times. However, in their case, it was something else that improved their operation.

Car parts sales are a very competitive market. Since the competition is so fierce, customer services work with an average response time of 8 minutes. By analyzing the processes, they were able to maintain the same level with one less employee, who was transferred to the logistics team, who – as also shown by Anvert – were in dire need of help. Anvert allowed them to solve this important task related to the optimization of operations without incurring any additional costs.

Kovács István

“Anvert provides measurements to optimize our customer service and logistics processes, with the purpose of running our business more efficiently and without any additional costs."
– István Kovács, Managing Director

The efficient scheduling of an executive’s working time is one of the most important factors in the operation of a business.

Business leaders often feel that 12 hours a day are not enough to effectively manage the operation of a company. Many will even take their work home after that. Even when they should be spending time with resting, their family or leisure activities, they are brooding on questions like:

  • "Did employee XY complete this or that task?"
  • “Did they send out the quote in time?"
  • “Did they send out the correct quote?"
  • “Have we responded to that question by one of our key accounts?"

Managers need to perform in very different areas from operational organization to the execution of management and controlling tasks. Since they may run out of time, they need to prioritize their tasks as they see fit.

Csavarker Kft. is a business engaged in both small and wholesale business. They have approximately 20 employees. In the absence of middle executives, it is the duty of managers to keep track of incoming mail, which amounts to 200-300 per day.

With such email volumes, subordinates may not be able to respond to an important email or request for quotation. As a result, the company will not respond in a timely manner, and may lose an order or a customer.

Csavarker, the structure of correspondence is more complicated than the average. However, this structure is far from unique at companies of this size. Customers can send their questions to a central email address, which then automatically forwards the mail to individual email addresses. In some respects, this makes communication more transparent. However, checking hundreds of emails each day is difficult, and responses are only communicated to the manager and the colleagues if they are forwarded a copy. Failing this, the message will be visible only in the replying employee's outbox. At Csavarker, the most useful feature is that they get an overview of all correspondence from these 15-20 email accounts, allowing them to see exactly which emails need response and where did the process get stalled for any reason.

Tari Jenő

“Out of more than 100 emails a day, Anvert shows the 6-7 cases that really need to be addressed."
– Jenő Tari, Managing Director

These three examples show that Anvert can be effective in many areas. It saves managers a lot of time, significantly reduces the cost of undiscovered problems, prevents customer loss and improves customer experience.

How can Anvert help your company?

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