Configure filters in Anvert

Fine-tuning Anvert:
the filters

In our previous post, we covered the steps for registering with Anvert. This article will take you through the steps of using filters to make your metrics even more accurate and your work easier.

By adding filters, you can exclude certain emails from the analysis and save yourself the time of deleting them one by one. Since you will never reply to the letters, such as automatic invoices or system messages, there is no point in analyzing them.

There are two ways for adding filters:

  1. Filters can be added directly from emails. In this case, the system automatically fills in the data, making it easier to upload.
  2. Szűrő hozzáadása emailből
  3. Go to Filters in Settings to use the interface for adding rules. Here you can add new filters to the system manually.

In both cases, users have a lot of freedom to choose. You can select the item to search (scanned value), such as the sender's email address, name or domain, the subject or when to filter the message:

  • if the scanned content matches the data entered
  • if the scanned content starts with the data entered
  • if the scanned content ends with the data entered
  • if the scanned content contains the data entered
  • or, on the contrary, if the scanned content does not contain the data entered

Additional conditions can also be specified to create more complex rules. Set them up once to make your future work easier.

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