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Anvert x Neticle Text Analysis API

Founded in 2019, Hungarian owned Anvert specialise in email analytics: they help clients avoid leaving emails unanswered, and make sure that their email communication is as smooth as it can be. They provide detailed statistical analysis on email traffic and reply times in order to prevent customer churn and dissatisfaction. But they wanted to give even more in terms of email analytics: their scope was extended to include sentiment analysis and emotion mapping. For this, media- and text analytics company Neticle provide their own algorithm, which has been integrated into Anvert’s service through the Neticle Text Analysis API.

In this case study we’ll see what sort of problems Anvert’s and Neticle’s technologies combined can solve, and what the typical advantages are for clients and businesses alike.

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Leaders of small and medium enterprises often face the resource optimisation problem of how to make their business email management more efficient. This is especially true for fields where finalising sales processes requires lots of previous consultation.

Text Analysis API

More typical cases include when a company receives a high volume of claims or complaints at once, or where there are rapid sales cycles to work with. It can be especially challenging to filter out relevant emails from a slew of junkmail.

However, many customer satisfaction surveys have revealed that customers expect quick answers - within an hour from their inquiry, if possible. An email that has been unanswered for weeks will surely result in a lost potential client - either because they’ve decided that the company doesn’t care about them, or because another provider has answered their request much sooner.

Text Analysis API

Without knowing much about the contents and mood of our emails, we might stay oblivious to problems or conflicts that could have otherwise been easily fixed, or prevented even. Working from home poses yet another threat, because it’s hard to stay up-to-date on colleagues’ productivity or the current status of workflows.

When they started developing their cloud-based software, Anvert wanted to providea solution to all of these problems. Neticle have provided multi-faceted text analytics solutions for almost 9 years: their algorithm currently understands more than 20 languages - including Central and Eastern European ones - and can perform text analysis with human precision in all of them. It recognises key topics, positive and negative expressions, emotions and much more. Neticle’s Text Analysis API was developed with the intention of making the algorithm’s knowledge easily available within companies’ own internal systems. This is exactly what has happened with Anvert as well: the integration was completed within a week, and now, users of Anvert get much more information about the quality of their communication with clients.

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Text Analysis API
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