An interesting demonstration of Anvert, the operation of the system and its most important features

An interesting demonstration of Anvert, the operation of the system and its most important features

In October 2021, we made a very exciting webinar together with Netilce. They are the current market leaders in text analysis. We want to share the content of this webinar with you.


For business leaders, time is often a scarce commodity. This may sometimes hamper their efforts to gain a good enough overview of the entire company correspondence. A typical case is when a company receives a lot of inquiries or complaints, when the sales process requires a lot of prior consultation, or when the sales cycle is short and fast. If you receive a large number of emails, it is especially difficult to filter out the relevant messages.

Text Analysis API

At the same time, customer satisfaction surveys have already shown that customers require a quick response, preferably within an hour. If emails get jammed and responses are slow, then even minor issues that are easy to solve may lead to the loss of customer satisfaction.

Among other things, Anvert offers a solution to these challenges. The cloud-based software integrates the Neticle Text Analysis API to provide detailed reports of the corporate correspondence, ensuring that no important email will be left without a response.

Never miss an important message!

During the webinar:

  • we introduced Anvert and answered questions about the issues it helps solve and the advantage our software offers to companies;
  • we demonstrated the operation of the software through references;
  • and we presented the technology background provided by Neticle.

In these nearly 40 minutes, we clarified several issues brought forward by the listeners. We gave answers to questions like:

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