Ügyfélszolgálatot támogató funkciók

Track Email Cases

See how many emails were sent and received in a day per mailbox, as well as the trend for the previous 7 days, use data automate where appropriate or optimize cover

View Individual and Team Productivity Ratios

Use our productivity report to monitor daily, monthly, or yearly first and average reply times, view trends for both internal and external emails .

Set Email Response Times, Goals and KPIs (SLA Measurement)

Set up leaderboards for first and average reply time, emails sent and received, completion rates and customer engagement rates.

View and Model Top Performer Interactions

Learn success metrics of most successful agents scale it to team level.

In-build text analytic toolkit for inbound and outbound emails

Get insights on customer satisfaction by measuring sentiment of email flows.

Ease of use

Anvert doesn’t require training to use, easy to set up with any device any email client


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