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General Questions

Anvert provides analytics of corporate teams, employees and remote workers, evaluating their email performance in terms of quantity, response speed and tone. The service integrates with all email clients, and it’s completely secure. The system uncovers in-depth information about the following data:
  • How quickly your employees respond to new emails.
  • How quickly your employees respond to all of their emails.
  • The total sum of emails in the inbox.
  • Undelivered emails are highlighted.
  • Sends alerts on idle correspondence.
  • Feedback is provided regarding the tone of the messages from both the client’s and the employee’s side
  • You can also switch between analytics targeting groups and individuals
Anvert isn’t an email client, but rather cloud-based software that connects to the corporate email account, silently analyzing incoming and outgoing emails from the background. Anvert may compliment your CRM and offer diverse information to support your sales, customer success and HR teams.
Our software and built-in algorithms are analyzing our clients’ email communication in an automated manner and displays it in the main Dashboard. Each report may be expanded from the dashboard for detailed views or more granular information.
What are Anvert’s Key Metrics? Anvert provides an immediate, real-time overview of the incoming and outgoing email threads between employees and clients. We showcase the average and first average response times, idle conversations and the fleeting emotional tone of the messages. We provide the following reports, coupled with a wide range of filters that are applicable to both teams and individuals. All results are comparable to previous time periods. :
  • Overall email traffic: Shows the company’s daily email traffic
  • Outgoing email traffic: Shows the company’s daily outgoing email traffic
  • Average response time: Shows how long it takes for employees to answer their emails
  • Average first response time: Shows how long it takes for employees to answer the client’s first email
  • Leaderboard – number of answered emails: Showcases the top employees who answer the most of their emails
  • Leaderboard – average reply times: Shows the top and bottom employees in terms of average response time
  • Sentiment Index: Shows the accumulated text sentiment of selected time frame across teams or individuals
All reports are available for download in the following formats:
  • xls
  • csv
  • pdf
  • ppt
You can download the selected report anytime, or set an automated email report for yourself and your colleagues.
Anvert allows you to measure employee email performance or even home office work productivity without incurring any administrative burden. It may be used to compliment your CRM data or as a standalone software. Numerous studies confirm that fast response time is of paramount importance to customers. Fast response times speed up business processes, making work more efficient, time-saving and at the same time increasing focus between tasks, resulting in higher performance and extra revenue.
According to statistics, 30-50% of sales come from projects where a business — whether it’s B2B or B2C — was first to respond to an inquiry. Therefore a quick response time is key for acquiring new clients and business relations.
From a customer success perspective, quick response time makes customers and clients feel valued. Statistics show that 88% of clients or customers expect an answer to their email within an hour, while 30% anticipates a response within 15 minutes.
We offer a 14-day trial. Once the trial has expired, our service costs €9.90 per email account. Customers who require over 50 email accounts please contact our team now for more competitive rates here.
Opting for the 14-day trial is free and requires no payment information. During the trial period, all of Anvert’s features are available with no restrictions. Once the trial is over, the system requires payment information to continue using our service.
Annual subscriptions may be cancelled at any time, however as it is a fixed term contract we don’t offer refunds.
In case you wish to increase the number of email accounts during the course of the annual subscription, you may add accounts on a monthly or annual basis. Currently we don’t offer refunds on fixed term contracts, should you wish to reduce the number of email accounts.
Anvert is compatible with any email client, service or device. The only requirement is the ability to connect with an IMAP protocol to your email provider. The system automatically detects the following email providers: GMAIL, OUTLOOK, YAHOO, GSUITE, MIMECAST, EXCHANGE, but you can set up access for custom providers as well. (pl. Harvard Business Review ; Forbes)
Anvert’s functionalities are based on the meta data found in the header, which are the prerequisites for the reports. The sentiment analysis is based on an AES-128-CTR encrypted data set, and the results are only available to the user. Thanks to the high-level encryption, third party individuals will never be able to access the body text or the attachments of the email, therefore your data is fully secured.
In order to start using Anvert, you need to connect your email account in order to perform various analyses. This means that we require your login information. However, your credentials will always be hidden, and analyses run on a server that cannot be accessed through public internet connection.
Our API is SSL-protected and uses AES-128-CTR encryption. This means that all data movement involves real-time encryption. All data on our servers are protected by two-factor encryption, thus the information cannot be accessed by third parties even if they break into the system.
Our service is protected by HTTPS and it’s SSL-certified.
Although Anvert does require registration, we don’t hold your credentials. Each measured email account is registered by users logging in with their email credential through a secure path. Anvert connects to email addresses and analyzes the data for the reports and indexes.
Absolutely not. We don’t influence your communication in any way, shape or form. Anvert won’t delete or relocate data in your email account.
We simply analyze the information to create reports for you. The analysis is performed in real-time by intelligent algorithms to ensure your company reaches its full potential.
Anvert connects to the corporate email account to track the response time in real time. It analyzes the average and first average response time, the number of incoming and outgoing emails, as well as the performance of employees. Anvert only tracks the above information during business hours that you set. For example, if you’ve set the official work hours to be between 9:00 and 17:00, and a new email arrives at 19:20, then the response time tracking will only begin at 8:00 the following day. The system is capable of separating email traffic that happens during and after work hours, therefore you can track the after-hours activity of your employees as well. You may also set 24/7 business hours to record absolute reply times.
Yes, they will be aware. After having their email accounts connected to Anvert, they will receive a link to verify the connection. They don’t have to do anything else though, as Anvert runs in the background, creating new reports once it receives new data.
If anyone changes their password, Anvert won’t be able to connect to the account any longer. In this case, supervisors receive an alert through the Dashboard. It takes a simple update to re-connect to the service by sending out a new link to set up an updated connection.
Yes, Anvert follows all operative GDPR regulations. You can find more details about this topic in our Privacy Policy.
No. In the settings you can always set or change your company’s official work hours for each weekday or even for the weekend. All after-hours emails are taken into account at the beginning of the next workday.
No additional software is required to ensure the operation of Anvert. We execute the reports through a cloud service, therefore the only requirement is an active internet connection.
Yes, we answer all of our client’s questions within a short time via hello@anvert.com. Furthermore, if you have an annual subscription you’re also eligible for immediate phone support.
You can cancel your subscription anytime through the user interface, or by contacting us here.
In the Anvert interface, you can set a timeout to alert you when a mail has not been answered. If this time is exceeded, the system will classify as stuck mail any mail that has not been replied to after the expected time and warn you that it has not yet been replied to and requires action.
The Anvert sentiment index shows the sentiment fluctuations of correspondence in a selected period, similar to a stock market quote. Positive and negative expressions in the text of the analysed messages are identified using artificial intelligence and assigned a point value. The scores are used to represent values for the entire text, which, when displayed graphically, can help managers to monitor the overall sentiment of their internal or external company correspondence and intervene when necessary.
Anvert is cloud-based, the Anvert API retrieves mail server and Facebook Messenger data via the web with 15-minute refresh cycles, so you can see the parameters of your company's mail and corporate messenger conversations in real time.
Based on your queries, you can set up to receive automatic reports on your statements at intervals you define, in any format you choose (xls, csv, pdf, ppt), so you can keep up to date with the correspondence parameters that matter to you, without logging in.
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