Email analytics software to support performance evaluations

HR support features to optimize productivity and to aid HR planning

Objective performance evaluation

Stay up to date about the performance of your company, certain departments and individual employees. Make crucial decisions easily, supported by relevant and accurate data.

Human Resources planning

Plan the arrangement of upcoming shifts and team sizes based on inbound requests and their time allocation. Receive information about the general length of workflows and optimize the synchronization of tasks.

Staff training

Plan employee training and workshops for corresponding positions based on data that are updated in real-time. Track the effect of the training on relevant OKRs.

Sentiment analysis

Receive feedback regarding employee satisfaction by analyzing the sentiment of internal emails. Prepare team-building exercises according to the analysis.

Home office - remote work

Effortlessly rack the productivity of colleagues and teams working remotely. Remain up-to-date about the productivity of your coworkers despite COVID-19 drastically changing the work environment.

User-friendly operation

Our solution runs in the background, and using it won’t demand additional time from colleagues. Run it on any device, connect it to any browser; it won’t require any additional training.

Stay informed about the progress and mood of your employees!

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