Email and messenger activity tracking for sales teams

Analytics tool to boost sales, and shorten the sales cycle

Monitoring the business messages

Track the number of received and sent emails & Facebook Messenger texts across teams and individuals. Review the ratio of responded messages within any custom timeframe and compare it to previous periods.

Response times

Measure the first and average reply times for all the included messages. This function helps to increase customer satisfaction by reducing reply lag and delivering on SLAs.

Performance tracking

Define your expectations for the sales team, and then track their performance regardless of where they are working from. Compare the progress of sales team members and scale top performer’s best practices.

Sentiment analysis

Understand the sentiment of external and internal communication around business proposals and align your sales processes to deliver stronger results.

Reports and analytics

Spend business hours more efficiently. Save time and energy with automated reports. Faster response times have proven to enhance the productivity of the sales team.

User-friendly operation

Our solution runs in the background, and using it won’t demand any additional time from your colleagues. Run it on any device, connect it to any browser, it won’t require any additional training.

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