Anvert Business Email Analytics - FAQ

Business mail tracking and all other features in detail

General Questions

Anvert is a cloud-based email traffic and content diagnostic SaaS solution, which keeps decision-makers up-to-date on business communication KPIs. Using Anvert doesn’t require any training, additional administrative workload or time consuming data logging by employees.
Anvert helps to analyze the corporate communication processes. It allows you to track and evaluate the emailing habits of individuals and teams across your company, while also granting you the tools to improve these metrics.
Anvert is a SaaS-based, fully automatic software that’s easily accessible to everyone. We offer leadership a tool that diagnoses incoming and outgoing email communication in real-time. Improve your client facing or internal communication thanks to constantly tracked messages and reports. Due to optimization and the time saved with Anvert, your company will function more efficiently.
Reduce churn by having less unanswered messages or abandoned client inquiries. Through our solution, you can increase your clients’ satisfaction and gain the trust of future business partners.
Data security is paramount at Anvert. It processes your data through a secured API connection. The platform is protected by HTTPS and has SSL certification. All contained data are protected by AES-128-CTR encryption, which is the highest encryption level in accordance with German data protection recommendations. All personal information is protected in accordance with the European Union’s GDPR — as described in our Data Protection Guide — and no third party individuals have access to it.
All you need to run Anvert is a stable Internet connection and a web browser. Anvert connects to the corporate message system through an IMAP protocol, and all contemporary email services are capable of handling it.


First of all, check whether you’ve properly filled out the fields (e.g. whether the email and the password are spelled correctly). In case you’ve forgotten your password, please ask for a reminder by clicking on the button labeled, “I’ve forgotten my password.” Then proceed by entering your email and by clicking on the “Send password link” button. After a few seconds, you’ll receive an email notification that includes the link for changing the password. If an error occurs, please contact our customer support in one of the channels listed below.


In such a situation, please provide your own personal details (tax ID, zip code, location, address). Put your own name into the “Corporate name” field.
Anvert offers a 14 day free trial following registration. The system then requires payment information in order to continue your service. More details can be found in the “subscription options" in our Pricing section.

Domain Settings

Anvert is compatible with any email provider that allows IMAP protocols. Some well-known providers’ settings are listed during the domain settings as a means to speed up the setup. This extends to the following providers: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Onbox, Gsuite, Mimecast, Exchange.
Please find the “Domain settings” button in the menu dedicated to email accounts. By clicking on the button you can provide the details. In the “Email service provider” list you can find the most popular choices (including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook), but you can also choose the “Others” option. Doing so allows you to add any provider that supports IMAP protocols.
All email providers are supported that can establish access through IMAP protocols. Our service also covers the most popular providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook
Visit the section dedicated to adding your email account, enter “” to the dedicated field, click on “Save” and then on “Enable access”. The system will redirect you to Gmail’s platform. You can log in to the email account of your choice, after which a message will pop up. Click on “Special” and then on the “Enter here” buttons. Then two message windows will pop up, click on “Enable” on both of them. Then you’ll be redirected to Anvert where you’ll need to provide the folder names for the incoming, outgoing and deleted messages (Inbox, Sent, Trash). As a last step, click on the “Save” button.
Check whether IMAP is enabled​
  1. Open Onbox on your device.
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the messaging section.
  4. Click Enable in the dedicated IMAP/POP3/SMTP section.
  5. Click the Save button.
Check whether IMAP is enabled​
  1. Open Yahoo on your device.
  2. Click Profiles in the upper right corner, and choose Personal Information in the menu.
  3. On the left side, choose Account security.
  4. Click on the “Application password creation” or the “Application password management” section.
  5. Select the application from the dropdown menu or create your own, and then click on “Generate”.
  6. Log into Anvert and click on the email account setting section.
  7. Add your email address and the code that has been generated.
Check whether IMAP is enabled​
  1. Open Outlook on your device.
  2. Click Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the email synchronization option.
  4. Select Yes in the POP and IMAP group.
  5. Click the Save button.
Please contact the provider’s customer support. Anvert will be available for use after entering the IMAP login and port number they provided.
The settings of the most popular email providers are available in Anvert. You just need to select them from the list. In other cases, your email provider can supply you with answers.

Email Accounts

You can add email accounts to Anvert by clicking the "Add Email Account" or "Generic Email Accounts" button in the Email Account menu.
The difference between the two is that Generic Email Accounts are the technical accounts that belong to the company, but we don’t want to download their mailbox and we don’t even want to sign in with them (e.g., hello at company dot com). The simplest examples of such accounts are mailing lists, which are used to automatically forward incoming email to multiple email addresses. Clicking on the “Add email account” allows you to register the email address and the username, coupled with the password to ensure seamless access to the messages. The “Testing” buttons help you check whether the credentials are correct. You also have to decide which incoming or outgoing folders you wish to have access to. You can select these in the dropdown menus titled “Incoming” and “Outgoing”. Once you’re finished with all the steps, click on the Save button.
The login name must be entered in the "Login name" field in the form username@domain or domain\username for Windows logins.
How can I add an email account to Anvert
How can I add an email account to Anvert
There are two ways to add multiple email accounts. From the "Email Accounts" menu, click on "Bulk Email Account Import" in the top right corner to access the interface. Once you know the password associated with the email accounts, select "Add email accounts with password" under the Upload type, then download the associated template spreadsheet so that you can connect all email accounts to Anvert at once by filling it out and then uploading it. And without knowing the passwords, select "Send invitations" in the Upload type and by downloading and filling in the corresponding template table, you can send a bulk invitation so that your colleagues can connect to their email accounts. In a spreadsheet, you can only add email accounts belonging to the same domain to Anvert at the same time. Parameters marked with an asterisk in the table specify a default value that can be overridden by individual rows in the import template. Once you have selected the spreadsheet you filled out to upload, you can click Import to add it to Anvert to complete the process.
Generic email accounts are technical accounts that belong to the company, but we do not want to download their mailbox and do not want to log in with them (e.g. hello at company dot com). The simplest examples of such accounts are mailing lists, which are used to automatically forward incoming email to multiple email addresses.
Click on the "Generic Email Accounts" button to enter the email address of the account or a username of your choice. When you're done, click "Save."
In this case, some of the fields contain incorrect information. It’s recommended to check your domain settings, and whether IMAP access is enabled at your email provider.


Deleting anything in Anvert won’t affect any email accounts. Any interaction to message threads is exclusive to Anvert’s internal system.
First, make sure "Domain Settings" under Email Accounts is set up correctly. Next, check your account information as well. Click the "Edit" button in the row for that account and click the "Test" button.
Anvert groups together your company’s incoming and outgoing messages into coherent message threads, therefore it can differentiate Replied and Idle/Pending emails. This is the main pillar of Anvert, and one of the key features of our service. The Replied category is a group where one of your employees has provided an answer to the client’s previous message. The Idle/Pending category is a group where none of your employees has provided an answer to the client’s previous message.
Select the corresponding message thread and then click one the “Close thread” or “Delete thread” buttons that appear on the upper right side of the screen.
In this case, the message thread is only deleted in Anvert’s system, the original emails remain available on the server.

Account Settings

User data, account information, payment data and the account settings can be changed in the Account menu.

User data
Here you can see when the account was created, which email address was used during the registration and name, as well as the username you have chosen.

Payment data
This is where you can set or change your payment information.

Account information
Feel free to change the account information if you wish to switch between corporate and private account types. For corporate accounts, you need to provide additional information: the company’s name, tax ID, zip code, location and address.

Time zone settings
You have the option to set a specific time zone, simply pick from the dropdown menu.

Account settings – email grouping
In the account settings you’re able to group your emails in the following ways:
  1. Separating internal messages into the “Internal emails” group
  2. Separating newsletters into the “Promotions” group
  3. Delete unwanted emails
Anvert will retrieve your emails up to 10 days before the registration date.
Anvert is currently available in English and Hungarian.


In order to properly segment and categorize your incoming emails, you may create filters. Filters can be set up in the Account menu. New filters are added by clicking on the “New filters'' button, where you are able to apply a filter to the following attributes of an incoming email:

  • The sender’s email address
  • The sender’s name
  • A specific domain
  • Subject line
Regarding the above mentioned attributes, you can further specify when the filter should be applied:
  • At the beginning: the filter is only applied if the attribute starts in a specific way.
  • At the end: the filter is only applied if the attribute ends in a specific way.
  • Contain: the filter is applied if the attribute features a specific text.
  • Equivalent: the filter is only applied if the attribute features the exact text that was specified.
  • Non-equivalent: the filter is applied unless the attribute features the exact text that was specified.
You may apply more sophisticated filters by clicking on the + sign to create complex rules. Once you have filled out all the information, simply save it. Please keep in mind that you should only add conditions that are applicable to the messages you plan to filter.

Filters are also applicable while reading a message thread. In this case the system automatically fills the filter with the message thread’s details, thus supporting the conditions for the filtering.

Anvert Automatically filters out any message that’s deemed as a promotion. This way Anvert keeps your incoming email lists clean and focused, therefore improving the viewability and accuracy of your statistics. Naturally, you have the option to create custom filters.


You can update your subscription under the Pricing section should you wish to add or remove email accounts in your profile.
Free trial also offers a demo account with dummy data to highlight logic and best practices. Then you may start using Anvert with your real email accounts by clicking on the “Try now” button. Using Anvert for the first 14 days is free.
It’s located in the Subscription menu. There you can get a general overview of your subscription, including the time and status.
The transaction table also features information about the subscription. It shows the unique subscription ID, as well as the total payment amount, the payment date and whether the payment is pending, in process or accepted. The invoice can be downloaded in PDF format.
You may cancel your subscription within the webapp; or you can email us at
Your payment information is immediately and irreversibly deleted once the subscription is cancelled.


Anvert supports company leaders in decision making by diagnosing corporate email accounts. They develop a better understanding of employees’ daily progress through the visual reports of performance indexes. The dashboard is the main hub for these reports and performance indexes, offering an easy-to-understand overview for the facts and trends behind the numbers.
Use the main Dashboard to analyze the performance of your whole company, a specific team or just a single individual by using relevant filters.
Anvert tracks two kinds of response times. The first average response time tracks the first incoming email’s response in the thread, while the average response time displays the response time for all received emails within the message thread.
Find out how you can improve your company's performance with Anvert!

Our free demo gives you an insight into how the software works and you can try out its features for yourself.