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About Anvert

Anvert is a Hungarian startup with headquarters in Szeged, launched in 2018. We developed a software tailored especially for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises to help them in their day-today business email management. Almost every business has lost a deal or a customer due to a late reply or a missed email. To solve this problem, we have developed a software solution that is affordable for everyone.

Anvert is a fully automated, cloud-based software that analyses email traffic and sentiment, and works with all web browsers and email clients. We provide our customers with a comprehensive overview and statistical analysis of the key parameters of their external and internal corporate email traffic on an ongoing basis and in real-time. With constantly updated metrics, we make it easy for leaders to benchmark their employees’ performance and achieve their goals.

Our easy-to-use dashboard provides an instant overview of your colleagues’ current performance on key business email metrics. Clarity is enhanced by our metrics and charts showing more detailed analysis, which you can tailor to your specific needs. By analysing your email metadata, we show quantitative emailing totals and key intensity indicators in a variety of breakdowns. Also included here are summaries of response times, and the response time to the first emails sent by new customers. Sentiment analysis is used to monitor positive and negative expressions and identify eight key emotions (longing, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, confidence, pleasure, anger) and analyse their changes.

In addition to statistical aggregations, Anvert allows you to search correspondence at a deeper level, even by email. This feature allows you to quickly identify and manage the most problematic cases. You can reply or forward emails directly from Anvert to resolve problematic cases faster.

Anvert Team

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Our mission is to boost your company productivity and efficiency.

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